Service Monster Cheat Sheet

– Adding New Customer/Account –

1) Click Accounts
2) Under Account List – Click “New Account”
3) Fill Out Information – Note: After you enter Zip Code hit gear next to Zip Code Box so that Missoula MT appears. Also make sure you hit Magnifying Glass next to Lead Source and then select where they heard about us. Also remember to select Account Sub Type to select if it was a Move Out or Homeowner.
4) Then click the “Floppy Disk” to Save Account.
5) After you Save Select “New Order”

– Adding/Scheduling A New Order –

1) Always hit the “Floppy Disk” under the Detail Tab. This will create a new Order Number. When you see a new 4 or more digit number next to Order No: then you can enter the order.
2) Click Arrow Tab under the Item and you will see a list of Services. If the service is not there click on Add Service/Product. After you select you Service it will appear. You can alter price and quantity.
3) Click the “floppy Disk” to Save.
4) Click On Schedule (this is located under the Payments Tab)
5) Click on Box that your job begins.
6) A box will appear – Click On Duration Number and add the amount of hours the job will take. Also do not forget to Assign A Technician to Job.

– Completing An Order –

1) Click On Orders Tab
2) Click On Order Number (Note: Not ! Client Name )
3) Under Notes Tab Click On “Complete”
4) Add anything if Needed Then Click “Next”
5) Click On “Apply Payment”
6) Enter Amount And Payment Type
7) Hit Finish

– Printing Route Packet –

1) Click On Scheduling Tab
2) Click Print and A Drop Down Menu will appear.
3) Click On Print “Route Packet”
4) A New Screen Will Appear Click “Print Route Packet” Again
5) A New Screen Will Appear and then Scroll Down And As you do the Printer Will Appear Click On Printer
6) Hit Print using “System Dialog”
7) Hit Print

– Note: When Scheduling A Job You Need to Click arrow to go to prior or next week then go back to be able to see Job in schedule. –

– Adding New Employee/Technician –

1) Click On Company Tab (At top of page)
2) Left side in Blue Under Management Click On Employees/Users
3) Under Red (Employees/Users) Click On New Employee
4) Fill Out Accordingly And Hit Save

How To Check All In Anchor Backlinks According to Pot Pie Girl

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Are You Suffering From a Link Profile Penalty?

Ok, so now we get what happens, how do we know if it is, or is not, happening to our web page?

Hang in there with me and let’s see if I can’t explain this…

If you go to Google and do a search called allinanchor (the words all in anchor but typed all-together as one word) and then follow that with a :____insert a keyword phrase____, you are asking Google to tell you how many web pages they know about that are building (or have) backlinks TO their web page with that phrase in it.

Still with me? =)

Here’s an example:

allinanchor:”green poodle shoes”

allinanchor, then a :, then the phrase in quotes – no spaces between anything but each word in the phrase.

When I do that search on Google, I will get results of pages that have that EXACT phrase in the anchor text of links TO their web page.

And surprise, surprise, Google shows no results for that phrase…yet (I imagine they might after they find this

Allinanchor is a powerful little tool… you can see how many other web pages are working on ranking for that phrase. If they are building links with that phrase, they must want to rank for it, right? Yup, that’s the theory.

However, you can also get an idea if YOUR web page is having issues with over-optimization of your backlinks.

How To Test for Back Link Over-Optimization

When you do a allinanchor:”your keyword phrase” search on Google, look and see where YOUR page ranks in those results.

If you rank about #3 for allinanchor and then you rank about #3 for a normal, non-quoted search…. things are fine, just be patient.

BUT, if you rank about #3 for allinanchor, but rank #23 for a normal, non-quoted search….there’s most likely a problem. You’re over-doing it and Google is NOT happy with you.

Good News – It’s Usually Easy To Fix!

If your web page is still in the Google index, you’re in good shape. Just STOP doing what you’ve been doing and work on your link PROFILE – not that one specific phrase.

Get some “click here” links or straight url links – basically, work on getting links that are NOT your keyword phrase (or even a long-tail version of your keyword phrase).

In the majority of cases where I’ve had this happen or helped others when it’s happened, things get corrected pretty easily. It’s not a FAST fix, but things do come back together as they should and rankings improve as the link profile improves.

Backlinks are very powerful, but you can over-do it and push yourself DOWN in the rankings. It’s kinda like eating healthy – fruit is GREAT, but if ALL you eat is fruit, there might be a problem (too much of a good thing and not enough well-rounded food choices).

I believe Google wants us to be more well-rounded…and the best way to do well in Google rankings is to give Google what they want.

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Dave Phone Script for Carpet Cleaning

Just need a price on…?

I’d be happy to help you with that. Is this commercial or residential?


Rental Moveout or Homeowner?


When do you need it done?

next week sometime

How many rooms do you need to have cleaned?


We have a special right now for 3 rooms for $99. A room is considered an area 250 sq ft or less. Additional rooms are $30. Do you have any stairs that need cleaning?


Stairs are considered a room so that would be $30 if you want them deep cleaned. Do you have pets?


Any pet urine issues?


I also offer a special pet treatment that takes care of any urine or odor issues in the carpet that is an optional $10 per room. We also offer a level 2 treatment for super deep carpet pad treatment and those prices vary depending the severity.


My goal is to give you the best customer service experience and I want you to be completely comfortable with me coming into your home. Rest assured I am certified, licensed and insured. All of my work is 100% guaranteed. If you’re not happy, I re-clean it for free or you don’t pay. If you give me just a minute I can work up an estimate right now?


3 package proposal
















Sales Questions

Have you thought about how much more MONEY you could make if you CLOSED more SALES?

Did you know that over the past 9 months I have been practicing
using and teaching the “Power of the Question” in sales and that
it has dramatically increased the sales of my companies and my member’s sales?

Do you know about the “power of the question?”

Did you know that “tellin’ ain’t sellin”?

Have you heard that asking questions during a sales presentation
is much more effective than talking about your product or service?
Have you noticed that most sales people break that rule on a regular basis?
The last time you bought something, did the sales person ask good
questions or did he/she do most of the “telling”?

What about you? How are you doing in that area? Have you
practiced the skill of asking questions? Have you discovered the
power behind asking the right questions?

In fact, have you discovered the right questions to ask for your industry?
Would you be surprised to find out that the questions are very similar for
any product or service?

What are the best questions to ask?

What about asking a new prospect…

“Who do I have the pleasure of speaking with today?”

(by the way, have you heard that someone’s name is music to their ears?)

Woudn’t it be a good idea to to use their name along with all of the following questions that are directed toward them?

“How were you referred to us?”

“What prompted you to call me instead of someone else?”

“What did (the person or company that referred them) say about us?”

Or… “What was it about the ad/letter/etc. that got your attention?”

Do you think asking those questions might give you insight into their reasons for choosing you?

You don’t want to miss that, right?

What if you followed that with…

“Would you mind if I share a little bit about out how we do things here and how we can be of benefit to you?”

What if you then took about 60 seconds to share how you help them solve the major challenges that you know they have based on your industry research?

Do you think this might help you connect with them emotionally and to position yourself as the credible source?

Have you crafted a compelling USP (unique selling proposition) that will accomplish that?

Is it memorized or somewhere you can access it whnever you might happen to speak to a prospect?

What if you then followed that with a series of pre-planned questions that would not only help you discover their needs, but to help them to discover what their true needs are also?

Did you know that most people don’t really understand what their true need is and how not solving it is hurting them worse than they realize?

Do you think you could improve on the questions you ask?

What if you followed the discovery questions with some possible solutions, but you put the solutions in the form of a question?

What questions could you follow a statement with?

What about “does that make sense?”

Or, “does that sound like what you are looking for?”

Did you know that by slowing down and asking confirming questions that you can uncover more objections than you would by just running through your benefits?

Did you realize that by getting them to say “yes”  throughout the process, that they will be more likely to say “yes” when you share the investment?

What if you could overcome all objections before you quoted the invesment?

How cool would that be?

By the way, what do you do when you get an objection?

What if you asked a question?

What kind of question?

What about “what do you mean it’s too high?”

Does it make sense that when you simply repeat the objection, they are likely to tell you what the real objection is?

Have you heard that when you quote the investement, the first person to speak is usually the one who buys?

Do you make it a habit of becoming silent after quoting the investment?

If not, is it because you simply have not disciplined yourself, haven’t understood the importance until now, or is it because you don’t believe in your price?

Finally, does it make sense that getting really good at asking questions will help you to sell  more?

And how will selling more benefit you?

Did you notice that there isn’t one single statement in this article?

Joseph, did you enjoy this SALES tip?

What Makes Us Different?

1. No Risk. You will receive the most outstanding service ever…or it’s FREE. Guaranteed! If in the first 30 days you are not completely satisfied, just let us know and you will receive a full refund.

2. Extras. Think of this as your Complete Web Solution, not just a website. It Includes: hosting, personalized emails, custom Craigslist ad, custom Facebook and Twitter design, newsletters, training videos and much more…

3. Exposure. Complete online marketing training to drive traffic your website using, SEO, PPC, Social Media and more…

4. Dedicated To You. We specialize in small business so you won’t be competing with “Big Clients” for our time.

5. Personal Touch. Flexible custom design that grows with your business, no cookie cutter templates.

6. Service. You work one-on-one with a dedicated web designer (that speaks English). We take you through a step-by-step system to get your business online fast and easy.

7. Control. Ability to log in and make changes your-self.

8. Tracking. Complete traffic reports and charts so you know how many people visit your site, where they came from and for how long.

9. No Commitment. No long-term contracts. Everything is month-to-month you can cancel at any time.

10. Affordable. Nowhere else on the Internet will you find more bang for your buck! Value…Value…Value…just ask our current clients!

Understanding Image Resolution and DPI

I copied this article from an blog post.

This whole business of dots per inch (dpi), pixels per inch (ppi), or even pixels per centimeter (ppc, for our European friends), can be downright confusing, even for seasoned pros (we had a well-known Photoshop writer give us an email tongue-lashing about this very subject. Was she ever embarrassed when we pointed out her mistake).
We’re going to boil it down to the bare minimum. Forget about the dpi of an image. It’s pretty much irrelevant until ink hits paper. What is important? Total number of pixels. The resolution can be set to anything — 72 or 300 or even 3000 dpi — as long as the total number of pixels in the file are kept the same, it’s all good.

Now, we are certainly not saying you should up-res or up-sample your images, as it’s referred to. This is where people really get confused. They’ve always been told that increasing the resolution of a file is bad — and it generally is* — but that’s not what we’re doing here. We’re scaling the image instead of up-sampling and we’re going to do it in a way where the number of pixels won’t change.

Here is the most important thing to remember: the dpi of a file is just a way to measure it. When someone says they need a 300 dpi file, every file can be measured at 300 dpi, whether it happens to be saved that way or not. For example, let’s say you just shot a picture with your spiffy new camera. It’s 3500 x 3530 pixels, but by default the image was saved at 72 dpi. So if you divide the numbers of pixels by 72 dpi, you will get the total number of inches the picture can be reproduced at.

Let’s take a look at the original image alongside Photoshop’s Image Size dialog box:

There are several important things to note in this screenshot:

1. At the bottom of the document window itself, you can see the file is indeed large — It’s 35 MB (circled in red).

2. Note the pixel dimensions shown in the upper portion of the Image Size dialog box: 3500 x 3530. Remember these numbers for a few minutes.

3. Note the physical dimensions of this image if we were to try and print it at the current resolution of 72 dpi — it would be a ridiculously large 48.6 inches by 49 inches.

Now let’s change the resolution of the image without messing with the number of pixels, thereby preserving the quality.

Step 1: In Photoshop, choose Image > Image Size.

Step 2: At the bottom of the dialog box, uncheck Resample Image. This locks the number of pixels contained in the image, thereby locking the quality. Enter 300 into the resolution box and look at what we get:

The image is now 300 dpi and the physical dimensions have decreased to about 11.7 x 11.8 inches. See how the physical dimensions of the image changed, but not the pixel information? We have exactly the same number of pixels we started out with: 3500 x 3530. Notice how the size of the image didn’t change at all? It’s still 35 MB. The quality of the image is completely unaffected, only the measurement (dpi) of the the physical output size has been altered.

As long as you remember to uncheck the Resample Image box, you can tweak the resolution as needed and you won’t hurt the image quality at all. Seriously.

Marketing Ideas

-Local SEOs on Warrior Forum – “In House-Web Design” I won’t upsell, will use YOUR Brand.

-WeTrade Network

-PPC with targeted industry pages

-Local Searches for SEO pros and Warrior Forum



-Guru, 99 Designs, Elance, Freelancer




The Ultimate Resource For Google Places Ranking

When ranking a Places page Google rewards exposure with exposure. This means the more places (reputable places) you show up on the Internet, the higher Google will rank your Places page and in turn, rank your website. Just like in the “offline” world, the more people that know about your business, the more popular you will be.

Ranking a Places page is an online popularity contest. So go get a bunch of spammy backlinks to your website, write a bunch of fake reviews and you will “dominate the search engines!!!” Right? –Wrong! That may have been the case several years ago, but come on, Google is getting smarter every day and that stuff just won’t fly anymore.

10 Ways To EXPOSE Yourself Online

1. Information. Fill out your Places page completely and accurately. Lots of pictures, videos, hours of operation etc. Note: if you are constantly changing your address and phone number, it WILL hurt your rankings. Google wants stable established companies.

2. Reviews. Don’t fake it or you could get in trouble. Get actual reviews from actual customers. Develop a review program that motivates people to review your biz. I recommend sending an email after every job and ask for feedback on how you did along with a link to your Places page, Yelp or Offer discounts if you have to. And don’t stop. If you get a bunch reviews all at once and then nothing for 6 months, then Google will diminish the values of those reviews.

Google tracks IP addresses so if your cousin three state away leaves a review then don’t expect that one to count for much. Google knows where the reviews come from. They need to be local.

All reviews are not the same. If you open a Google and account leave a review and that’s it, then it may not count at all. However, if someone has a Google account and leaves reviews on a regular basis for different businesses over a years time, then that’s a powerful review and that’s what you want.

It’s best if your reviewers are living in your service area, you want reviews from as many different locations in your service area as possible. This one way that Google determines your service area when ranking.

3. Directories. Register with the top 10 free local directories and encourage people to leave reviews on them as well. Also, put links from your site to your directory pages to make them easier to find.

4. The Chamber. Register with the local Chamber of Commerce and make sure you get a link from their site along with your Business Name, Address and Phone (exactly the same as it appears on your Places page). This is called the NAP. Some people are saying that having links from the Better Business Bureau are powerful, but I have not verified that because I have personal issues with the BBB and refuse to pay their ridiculous fees.

5. Other Businesses. You want links, but you want them to be LOCAL. That means other local business link trades. Call them up explain how it will help both of you. Also include the NAP.

6. Local Websites. Find local blogs and try to get links from comments, advertising asking for a trade etc. Some of them will let you add business info for free. Do a Google search for: “Your City” + “add your business” and “Your State” + “add your business” . You should find all kinds of sites that allow for free submission.

7. Newspapers. Do the same with local online newspapers.

8. Non-profits. Join local subscription non-profits in your area, make donations etc. Just make sure you get links and NAPs listed on their sites.

9. Social Media. Start a Facebook Fan page AND actually post to it on a weekly basis. Get people coming to it by networking or by Facebook ads.

10. BackLinks. Finally, do some old-school link building techniques like keyword research, onsite optimization, blog comments, forum signature links and article submissions. See how to videos for more info. Notice this is last because, although it is important, it is not primary any more.


Here is a list of links that will help carpet cleaners with their Google Places listings optimization. Follow these guidelines to not only rank your Places page, but also stay within the guidelines and avoid suspension or deletion.

Google Places Ranking Factors

David Mihm local search ranking factors.

Google Places

Link to Google Places account login page.

Google Places User Guide

Link to Google Places User Guide.

Quality Guidelines

Business listings in Google Places must have correct information about physical, local businesses, as they appear in the real world. Adhere to these guidelines for best results.

Local Listings Content Policy

These are the items you need to comply with to avoid issues with Google such as denial of access, removal of one or all of your listings, being blacklisted from adding future listings, or deletion of your Google Account.

Help for Business Owners / SEO Consultants

Useful resources from Google for business owners and consultants working with Google Places.

Correcting Listings / Problems

Guide to reporting and correcting incorrect listings and/or data within a listing.

Google Places Videos

Link to the YouTube channel for Google Places.

Google Places Help Forum

Link to the Google Places help form.

Known Google Places Issues

Link to known issues with Google Places.

Google Business Photos

Details and application instructions for getting Google business photos.

This blog has tons of information on Google Places Ranking:

Check out this site for finding citations:

Web Equity Infographic