Sales Questions

Have you thought about how much more MONEY you could make if you CLOSED more SALES?

Did you know that over the past 9 months I have been practicing
using and teaching the “Power of the Question” in sales and that
it has dramatically increased the sales of my companies and my member’s sales?

Do you know about the “power of the question?”

Did you know that “tellin’ ain’t sellin”?

Have you heard that asking questions during a sales presentation
is much more effective than talking about your product or service?
Have you noticed that most sales people break that rule on a regular basis?
The last time you bought something, did the sales person ask good
questions or did he/she do most of the “telling”?

What about you? How are you doing in that area? Have you
practiced the skill of asking questions? Have you discovered the
power behind asking the right questions?

In fact, have you discovered the right questions to ask for your industry?
Would you be surprised to find out that the questions are very similar for
any product or service?

What are the best questions to ask?

What about asking a new prospect…

“Who do I have the pleasure of speaking with today?”

(by the way, have you heard that someone’s name is music to their ears?)

Woudn’t it be a good idea to to use their name along with all of the following questions that are directed toward them?

“How were you referred to us?”

“What prompted you to call me instead of someone else?”

“What did (the person or company that referred them) say about us?”

Or… “What was it about the ad/letter/etc. that got your attention?”

Do you think asking those questions might give you insight into their reasons for choosing you?

You don’t want to miss that, right?

What if you followed that with…

“Would you mind if I share a little bit about out how we do things here and how we can be of benefit to you?”

What if you then took about 60 seconds to share how you help them solve the major challenges that you know they have based on your industry research?

Do you think this might help you connect with them emotionally and to position yourself as the credible source?

Have you crafted a compelling USP (unique selling proposition) that will accomplish that?

Is it memorized or somewhere you can access it whnever you might happen to speak to a prospect?

What if you then followed that with a series of pre-planned questions that would not only help you discover their needs, but to help them to discover what their true needs are also?

Did you know that most people don’t really understand what their true need is and how not solving it is hurting them worse than they realize?

Do you think you could improve on the questions you ask?

What if you followed the discovery questions with some possible solutions, but you put the solutions in the form of a question?

What questions could you follow a statement with?

What about “does that make sense?”

Or, “does that sound like what you are looking for?”

Did you know that by slowing down and asking confirming questions that you can uncover more objections than you would by just running through your benefits?

Did you realize that by getting them to say “yes”  throughout the process, that they will be more likely to say “yes” when you share the investment?

What if you could overcome all objections before you quoted the invesment?

How cool would that be?

By the way, what do you do when you get an objection?

What if you asked a question?

What kind of question?

What about “what do you mean it’s too high?”

Does it make sense that when you simply repeat the objection, they are likely to tell you what the real objection is?

Have you heard that when you quote the investement, the first person to speak is usually the one who buys?

Do you make it a habit of becoming silent after quoting the investment?

If not, is it because you simply have not disciplined yourself, haven’t understood the importance until now, or is it because you don’t believe in your price?

Finally, does it make sense that getting really good at asking questions will help you to sell  more?

And how will selling more benefit you?

Did you notice that there isn’t one single statement in this article?

Joseph, did you enjoy this SALES tip?

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