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Book: Service Business Money Machine



The Service Business Money Machine

"How to Easily Turn Your Website into a Job-Getting, Deal-Closing, 24/7 Money Making Machine!" 

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"If you own or manage a small service business, this is a must-have for your library.” - Mark Kennedy


Does Your Website Need More Customers?

Our proven strategy will help you beat out the competition by utilizing Google and Facebook.

If you are looking to obtain page one placement on Google for related search terms in your city we can help. If you want to use Facebook Ads to target the perfect customers we can help, but we only work with ONE company in each city so call us at 406-493-1881 before your competitor does or fill out the form to schedule a FREE 30-minute Strategy Session.


Our Results Speak For Themselves

Here are just a few of the many clients we have helped since 2009. We can do the same for your business!

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We Only Work With Top-Level Home Service Businesses & Contractors


Carpet & Rug Cleaners

Restoration Companies

Home Remodel Contractors

Power Washing Companies

Pest Control 




HVAC Contractors

Countertop Installers

Roofing Contractors


Janitorial Service



Window Cleaners

Construction Services

Concrete Contractors

Drywall Contractors


What To Expect:


Exposure On Google

Give your business the exposure it deserves by ranking high on Google Maps. This where 82% of searches click first. 

Get Rave Reviews

With our built in Easy 5 Star program your website will get reviews for both Google and Yelp to gain trust and get more calls.

Increase Revenue

Watch as your company grows from a new stream of leads and phone calls. Attract quality customers that need your service.

Your Partner

We are here to help with questions and problems. Let's keep it personal. We are not a faceless organization. You’ll get to know our team personally.

You Are Not Alone

Not only are we SEO marketing pros but we also belong to mastermind groups that include the world’s best. We discuss strategy, what’s working and what's not. We stay on top of our industry to benefit you.

Monthly Reports

We send you monthly reports with rankings updates and breaking news to make sure you aware of any changes in the industry to help secure your business online.

Worry-Free Contracts

Month-to-month contracts. We know sh*t happens. If you’re in a pinch or not happy with the results you will not be forced to stick around.

Done In-House

No outsourcing, black hat tactics, or cutting corners. All work is performed in-house by our team of internet marketing professionals.


What To Expect

Search engine optimization isn't something that's optional for most businesses today. If you're at a point where your SEO tasks are becoming too demanding or you simply don't know where to get started, you may be benefit from the services of a company with solid understanding of online marketing.

With all the companies out there offering SEO, who do you choose to get a leg up on your competition and get a positive return on investment. Here are some things to look for as you search for the right company:


1. Ability to Adapt Services to Specific Needs

You're not going to get much return on your investment from an SEO company that views every client as the same regardless of the industry. In today's competitive online environment, you want a company that can adapt its services to your specific priorities and needs. This is exactly how Big West Marketing approaches each client relationship. Our clients also benefit from:

• Customized strategies
• Different pricing plans
• Flexibility as needs changes


2. Solid Understanding of Keyword Optimization

Keywords or search terms have always been the heart of search engine optimization. The company you partner with needs to be aware of how keyword strategies have evolved. It's essential to use keywords that are relevant to the searchers looking for what you have to offer. Our approach to keywords is to do a thorough analysis to see what people searching forto find what they want. We also provide clients with:

• An assessment of keywords currently being used
• An identification of keywords that could/should be used in content
• Suggestions on alternative keywords that can still get results without becoming too expensive
• Detailed reports highlighting keywords that will likely increase traffic


3. Responsive Customer Service and Support

Accessibility should also be a factor when selecting a company. There's something to be said for actually being able to reach someone when you have a question about results you're seeing or the results you get about your traffic, leads, and conversions. Fortunately, we have a client-centered approach to doing business that has earned us mentions in leading publications. We realize the importance of:

• Ongoing research and development so we can better serve our clients
• Being readily available to respond to questions
• Addressing potential issues sooner rather than later


4. Delivering Timely Results

Going after a specific niche audience online often means there will be a lot of competition for those potential consumers. This is why you a company that's going to not only do thorough research, but act on those results in a timely manner so you can grow your business. We're always looking for effective ways to boost results for our clients, but we know the importance of delivering results as quickly as possible and implementing strategies rather than simply talking about them.


5. Commitment to Quality

Whether you need Web design work to make your site more mobile-friendly or your main focus is on having top-ranking keywords, the company you team with should have a firm commitment to producing quality results. Luckily, high-quality doesn't have to break your budget. We know that quality matters to our clients, but we also understand the importance of keeping prices reasonable and up-front. We're always proud to stand behind the results we deliver.


6. Customized Link Strategies

Keywords are great, but search engines like Google also consider the quality of both internal and external links when determining how webpages rank. An effective SEO company know that quality is more important than quantity with external links, which search engines crawlers consider when determining if your webpages have authority and relevance. Our approach to link-building is to:

• Use appropriate internal links to make navigation easier
• Perform a comprehensive analysis of existing link structures
• Present ways to attract quality links from reputable sources
• Periodically evaluate links and make meaningful improvements


7. Keeping the End Game In Mind

Ultimately, you want to choose a company that will keep the user experience in mind when it comes to your website, its content, and the keywords you use online. The end game for any business today is to connect with intended audiences in a way that's mutually beneficial and conducive to encouraging lasting relationships beyond simply getting a click, tap, or conversion. Our ultimate goal is to do what's best for our clients by:

• Developing marketing strategies aimed at targeting the right audience
• Increasing brand visibility and website exposure
• Finding effective ways to expand customer bases
• Growing revenues and maximizing ROI as much as possible


8. Final Thoughts

Keep these tips in mind and you'll likely make a choice that's right for your needs and budget. Not only will you increase your odds of making a smart investment, you'll likely see results that matter to you when it comes to the position of your website on search engine results pages (SERPs) on Google and other leading search engines.


Why Choose Big West Marketing?

We know firsthand how competitive some of the major markets can be today. The team at Big West Marketing understands how to get the edge over competitors and rank even when there's a lot of competition for keywords and placement on search engines. And this is the kind of expertise that will allow us to deliver meaningful results for your business.

More than 90 percent of online searchers do not go past the first page of search results. So, if you're not on the first page of Google's listings when people search for your business or the products and services you happen to offer, you're pretty much invisible online. Having a prime placement online is important today because more than 70 percent of online searchers grab their smartphone to look for local business info and more than 60 percent of those potential consumers take some type of action based on the information they find.

We have a dedicated Web design and marketing team ready to get to work for you. We'll get your website optimized for today's mobile searchers (more people now search with mobile devices than PCs) and use proven techniques to make you stand out online from your competitors. We'll get you started with a free consultation and thorough, honest assessment of your search engine optimization and Web design needs. Contact Big West Marketing today to see how can help you! 406-493-1881


Stop Losing Customers to Your Competition