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What to do About Your Address Disappearing in Google My Business

Google has made a BIG change for anyone who runs a business out of their home.

If you really want to compete online in 2019 then pay attention. This will give you a sharp edge!!

NOTE: If you are an SEO client of Big West Marketing we are in the process of doing this for you. There is no rush to get this complete right away. We are taking the month of December to make sure all clients have current correct information. No need to call us, we will contact you with any questions.

If you are interested in Google Marketing Services for 2019 then call our office and talk to Jake 406-493-1881.

For those of you that want to do it yourself here you go:

1. When you log into your Google Business account the Address Section is now empty. Don’t panic! This is normal.

2. You will now see a new Service Area option. No longer does it give you the Mile Radius option. Just add the cities one-by-one. These cities should also be listed in the footer of your website.

I also made a companion video to help step you through.