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Google SEO Service Area Announcement 2019 – More Accurate Maps Listings

Its starting to thaw out here in Montana. I went hiking yesterday and we hit a scorching 50 degrees 🙂

Anyway, I have some good news.

Google has improved the listings for service area businesses. You know those little maps that show up next to your business in the search results. In the past they just had either a marker showing the city or a circle showing a general mile radius you are located in.

With this new update they now have accurate city or area boundaries showing EXACTLY where you work and the cities and areas you service.

Although, this doesn’t directly help you rank in multiple cities, it is good news because your potential clients will now have a better idea of where you work when it comes to your service areas.

IMPORTANT: You DO have to log into your Google Business Account and set this up. It’s NOT automatic.

For current SEO Clients of Big West Marketing this has already been taken care of.

Wendy, our resident SEO Specialists joins me on this 10 Minute video to fill you in on the details and we show you exactly how to set this up.