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Google SEO Service Area Announcement 2019 – More Accurate Maps Listings

Its starting to thaw out here in Montana. I went hiking yesterday and we hit a scorching 50 degrees ūüôā

Anyway, I have some good news.

Google has improved the listings for service area businesses. You know those little maps that show up next to your business in the search results. In the past they just had either a marker showing the city or a circle showing a general mile radius you are located in.

With this new update they now have accurate city or area boundaries showing EXACTLY where you work and the cities and areas you service.

Although, this doesn’t directly help you rank in multiple cities, it is good news because your potential clients will now have a better idea of where you work when it comes to your service areas.

IMPORTANT: You DO have to log into your Google Business Account and set this up. It’s NOT automatic.

For current SEO Clients of Big West Marketing this has already been taken care of.

Wendy, our resident SEO Specialists joins me on this 10 Minute video to fill you in on the details and we show you exactly how to set this up.

What Does It Really Take to Fix A Google My Business Account?

Setting up and fixing Google My Business accounts can be a HUGE deal. Most business owners have no idea what happens when we (Wendy Moon) audit, evaluate, diagnose and fix the plethora of issues that come up with a Google My Business Account. Click the image below to see PDF flowchart. Jump in and have fun. We sure do!!

This PDF was created and provided by David Hunter, CEO of ASAPmaps


What to do About Your Address Disappearing in Google My Business

Google has made a BIG change for anyone who runs a business out of their home.

If you really want to compete online in 2019 then pay attention. This will give you a sharp edge!!

NOTE: If you are an SEO client of Big West Marketing we are in the process of doing this for you. There is no rush to get this complete right away. We are taking the month of December to make sure all clients have current correct information. No need to call us, we will contact you with any questions.

If you are interested in Google Marketing Services for 2019 then call our office and talk to Jake 406-493-1881.

For those of you that want to do it yourself here you go:

1. When you log into your Google Business account the Address Section is now empty. Don’t panic! This is normal.

2. You will now see a new Service Area option. No longer does it give you the Mile Radius option. Just add the cities one-by-one. These cities should also be listed in the footer of your website.

I also made a companion video to help step you through.

Winter is coming…is your website ready for the new year?

The winter slow down is coming. Now is the time to really start thinking about your website and marketing. Let’s keep it simple. Just like most things in life, 90% is all about the BASICS.

I have put together the 12 Most Important Questions to ask yourself in 2019:

1. Has your logo, slogan or overall image changed?
2. Does your website look outdated?
3. Have you added any new services or products or special offers?
4. Do you have fresh pictures and words that show off your true level of service?
5. What do you depend on for new business? Will that continue in 2019?
6. Is your website and marketing showing fresh testimonials?
7. Is your website showing the latest reviews from Google, Yelp, Angieslist etc?
8. Is your website SEO ready based on all the changes from Google this year?
9. How does Google see your website? Are pages and structure setup correctly?
10. Do you have modern Mobile Buttons on your website to make it super easy for people to call?
11. Are you ready to try out the new Google Ads? (formerly Google Adwords)
12. Have you signed up for the Google Guarantee? (aka Local Service Ads)

We are here to help if you have any questions.

Ask about our Website Re-Design Specials:

Call 406-493-1881
or Send a Text to Jake’s Cell: 406-493-2523

Part 2: How to Rank on Google Using Pictures


In Part 1, we discussed why uploading pictures to your Google My Business account is so important for ranking on Google. We also discussed the 3 criteria your pictures must meet in order to get MAX results. Remember, it’s all about being REAL.

In Part 2, we will discover an easy step-by-step system for actually getting those pictures up on your Google My Business account.

In the ‚Äúold days‚ÄĚ you had to take some pictures, transfer them to your computer, remember your Google My Business username and password, and then figure out how to upload them from your computer.

Google has actually made this process extremely easy, even for the non-techy types. The only requirement is a Smartphone and about a minute per week.

Here is how you do it:

Step 1: Pull out your Smartphone and search your app store for the Google My Business App and download it. The first time you open the app you will have to login with your Google My Business email and password. You only have to do this one time.

Step 2: Once per week whip out your phone and snap a few photos. Refer to Part 1 on the types of photos you should take.

Step 3: Open up the Google My Business App and scroll down to the section that says Post photos from your device. Put a check mark next to the photos you took that day. Tap ‚ÄúPost Photos‚ÄĚ. That‚Äôs it, move on with your day and wait for Google to boost your rankings.

The hardest part is remembering to do this. I recommend setting a specific day per week like Monday. Make the decision to take a picture or two every Monday. It really is that easy and it really will make a difference. Do it!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call (406) 493-1881

How To Use Google Private Incognito Window On Your Smartphone

Similar to using an incognito window on your computer to get accurate search results you can also do it on your smartphone. Visit this link for a free consultation:

This is one way in which you can browse the internet using an “Incognito window,” meaning that your history and stored data will not affect your search results. For this technique, you must have the Google App installed on your phone. When you open the app there will be a gear icon in the top left. Click on that and then click on “Turn on incognito”. Now when you search for your business you will get accurate SEO ranking results.

Part 1: How to Rank on Google Using Pictures

Want to rank your business on Google and the search engines? Better get some good pictures.

Most local business owner’s (and marketing pros) don’t realize how important pictures are for ranking on Google. Pictures are now one of the MAJOR ranking factors.

Why does Google care about your pictures? Because they show you are a real business doing real work. These days Google likes REAL.

In the past, ranking on search engines it was all about keywords and tricks and loopholes. Those days are quickly fading away due to new ‚Äúsmart algorithms‚ÄĚ. All that means is that Google is getting smarter and starting to look at websites and rankings as humans do. Google wants to rank those businesses that can prove they are what they say they are and do what they say they do.

What kind of pictures does Google want?

1.     Work Being Done: This includes original pictures of real people doing the work that your business provides. That also means no stock pictures purchased online or nabbed off the Internet. For example: if you register your business as a carpet cleaner then you should have pictures of yourself or employees cleaning carpet. If you own a sports bar then you should havepictures of people serving drinks. Notice I said people NOT carpet cleaning equipment or fancy pictures of cocktails. Remember, Google wants it to be REAL. People are real. Google can actually detect if there are faces and bodies in your pictures.
Like I said they are getting smarter.

2.     Branding: In addition to pictures of real people doing work Google wants to see that those people are actually part of your business (including yourself). To do this simply make sure the business logo is displayed on shirts, hats in the background, on vehicles, etc. Yes, Google can detect your logo and match it to the logo you upload when setting up your account.

3.     Location: Google also wants to make sure you are doing business in the city you say you are located. So, if you register your business address in Los Angeles, California, then make sure you take your pictures in the city of Los Angeles, California. Always make sure you do this with a Smartphone because it will automatically tell Google exactly where the picture was originally taken. Did I mention that Google is getting smarter?

Check out this picture I recently uploaded to my Google Account

Joe Burnich (real person)
Doing Internet Marketing (work being done)
Wearing Big West Marketing Hat (branding)
At the Office in Missoula Montana (location)










Check out Part 2. Click Here!

The New Local Services Ads – Rare Recorded Interview With Google

Click Here if you want to get signed up:

Everything you need to know. Local Service Specialist Stephen Thomas talks with Joe Burnich about this new ad program from Google:


JOE: What is the official name of this program?  Local Service ads?  Home Service ads?

GOOGLE: It started as Home services and rebranded into Local Service ads.  The Google Guarantee is a benefit of being a part of the Local Services ads program.  In order to receive the Google Guarantee you must pass a background check to confirm business licensing and insurance.


JOE: Will this affect SEO rankings at all?

GOOGLE: No, it is a paid service, however, a proper SEO campaign is a big factor in helping get you approved for this program.


JOE: Can I use Local Service ads in my current well established market (with a physical address) and also use it in a market where I do not currently have a physical address?

GOOGLE: As of now, yes because we are in a launch phase.  However, as more and more people with actual physical addresses nearer to that market start to apply for this program, proximity will start to play a larger role.


JOE: Do I have to have a physical address verified by Google in order to run ads in an area?

GOOGLE: It is better to have a Google My Business account set up.¬† If not, there are options to get you going with the Local Service ads.¬† But again, having a physical location and reviews for your business is key to succeeding with Local Service ads.¬† You will be forced out by established businesses.¬† Google uses a process called ‚ÄúBusiness Entity Verification‚ÄĚ done through Pinkerton (a background check company).


JOE: Address Location? Proximity? Reviews? How does Google decide who shows up in the coveted top left corner of the Local Services ads profile?

GOOGLE: Proximity plays a huge role in who will appear in that first spot at the top.  However, because this is still a new program, it is not uncommon to see a business from outside of town appearing in the Local Service ads profile.  As more and more companies apply for these positions, Proximity will start to displace some of those businesses that are further out.


JOE: I am not paying for leads and I’m in the Local Services profile.  Will this last?

GOOGLE: No, these are ‚Äúdummy profiles‚ÄĚ set up without the Google Guarantee to test this new program before it eventually fills up with qualified professionals.¬† The program is still in the launch phase, so now is the time to get in while spots are still available.


JOE: Should Google AdWords be used in combination with Local Service Ads?

GOOGLE: It depends on the type of traffic you are attempting to drive.  But appearing multiple times on the first page of Google is never a bad thing for business.  Imagine showing up in the Local Service ads section, AdWords section and in the 3-pack!


JOE: With Google legitimately reaching out to businesses, how do we differentiate between a scammer and an actual Google Employee?

GOOGLE: Google never ‚Äúrobo-calls‚ÄĚ.¬† Never an automated call, a live person from the start.¬† Also, any Google employee will have a ‚Äú‚ÄĚ email address.¬† Ask them to send you an email right there when they are on the phone.¬† Furthermore, Google has filed suit against any of those fraudulent companies that use their name.¬† And if you come across these robo-calls in the future, please report that number on Google‚Äôs website.


JOE: What does the Google Guarantee mean?

GOOGLE: Signing up and passing the verification process. This is where they verify your business and administer the background check.


JOE: What kind of information in needed for the verification process?


  • Proof on insurance (a copy of your declaration page).
  • If plumbers or electricians, they need to provide license numbers.
  • City/State licensing information
  • Address
  • Phone numbers
  • Years in Business
  • List ALL OF YOUR SERVICES that you provide (you can edit this at any time, if you add or remove a service as your business evolves)


JOE: Can we put ads out for multiple services?

GOOGLE: Yes, this is why it is important to list all of your services in your profile.


JOE: Is this the same as AdWords or Cost-per-Click?

GOOGLE: No, this is based on a Qualified Lead system.  In order for the lead to be qualified, the lead must call for the specific service that is advertised.  You can dispute leads through the dashboard, the calls are all recorded and reviewed by actual humans.  No algorithms here!


JOE: Location (Proximity) is a huge factor in getting those precious top spots.  What are other factors?

GOOGLE: Good honest Reviews are key to proving you are a quality company in these early stages of the Local Service ads program.


JOE: Does this system use Keywords?

GOOGLE: No, this uses the specific services you list, proximity and your reviews.  Keywords are for SEO and AdWords.


JOE: Is there any scheduling help or calendar program inside of Local Service Ads?

GOOGLE: No.  That is the business owner’s responsibility.


JOE: How much does this cost?  What is the cost per lead?  What factors determine this cost?

GOOGLE: The Lead Cost is a flat rate based off of different regions.  For example, in Charlotte, NC right now, the price for a Carpet Cleaning lead is $21. That is the highest I have seen. For Window Cleaning, it is $12 and house cleaning $18. Although there are no guarantees on how long these prices will stay at this point.


JOE: How do we pay for these ads?

GOOGLE: It is a weekly budget, and at the end of the month, you will pay for any leads that were received.  Make sure to dispute any leads before the end of the month, however there is a grace period for disputes. And yes, there is a refund period for unqualified leads.


JOE: Who in the company must pass the liability and background checks?

GOOGLE: Business owners and entities.  There are more rigorous tests in place currently for Plumbers, Electrians and HVAC technicians.


JOE: Does Google track technicians at all with GPS?



JOE: How long does the verification process take?

GOOGLE: We try to complete it within a month.  We aim to respond within 14 days.


JOE: When will this service be rolled out in my area?

GOOGLE: Hard to tell, but the more people that register in certain areas, the quicker the system will appear.  Get set up now to make sure you will be verified when the


JOE: Does the Google Guarantee cover any damages to the end customer?

GOOGLE: Yes, up to $2,000.  This is why the background check and verification process is so important.


JOE: How does Google know the customer clicked on the Local Service Ad?  Is there a special tracking phone number?

GOOGLE: Yes, there is a tracking system in place to ensure that the lead originated from the Local Service ad. All calls are forwarded to your official business phone number.


JOE: If you are the first to participate, are you locked in?  Or is there a rotating scheduled?

GOOGLE: No, first comers are not locked in to anything. But they will have more success during the launch phase. Moving forward Proximity /Location is key in who appears in the Local Service Ads results.


MAJOR Google AdWords Announcement!

Hey Everyone,

Breaking News: We just logged into Google Adwords to work on some client accounts and BOOM Google added 3 New Features that will change the game. I just wanted to get the news out immediately.

1. A 3rd Headline has been added so now we can include more enticing and engaging words to get those Ultra-valuable clicks to your website.

2. A 2nd Description line that will allow for more complete and detailed descriptions to tell people why they should choose YOU!

3. The Descriptions lines have been extended from 80 to 90 characters giving us more space and “taking the brakes off”. We were very restrained and limited before.

What this means:

Bigger Better Google ADs that get more clicks, more calls and more jobs!! This also means that Google is pushing Adwords BIG TIME!!

If you are a current Adwords client of Big West Marketing we are already  MASSIVELY updating your campaigns to accommodate the changes. You will be contacted individually when changes have been made. Please allow us time to complete this for everyone.

If you are not currently an Adwords client and want to get it on this NEW OPPORTUNITY then please contact Jake at 406-493-1881 or on his cell 406-493-2523. Remember we only take on 10 new clients per month. We have 4 spots left for August. Its first come first serve. Talk soon!

Big Win for Big West Client

Recently Google called one of our clients to see if they’d be interested in Google’s new Local Service Ads. The main reason for the call? Google loved his website! Read the full story below: