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MAJOR Google AdWords Announcement!

Hey Everyone,

Breaking News: We just logged into Google Adwords to work on some client accounts and BOOM Google added 3 New Features that will change the game. I just wanted to get the news out immediately.

1. A 3rd Headline has been added so now we can include more enticing and engaging words to get those Ultra-valuable clicks to your website.

2. A 2nd Description line that will allow for more complete and detailed descriptions to tell people why they should choose YOU!

3. The Descriptions lines have been extended from 80 to 90 characters giving us more space and “taking the brakes off”. We were very restrained and limited before.

What this means:

Bigger Better Google ADs that get more clicks, more calls and more jobs!! This also means that Google is pushing Adwords BIG TIME!!

If you are a current Adwords client of Big West Marketing we are already  MASSIVELY updating your campaigns to accommodate the changes. You will be contacted individually when changes have been made. Please allow us time to complete this for everyone.

If you are not currently an Adwords client and want to get it on this NEW OPPORTUNITY then please contact Jake at 406-493-1881 or on his cell 406-493-2523. Remember we only take on 10 new clients per month. We have 4 spots left for August. Its first come first serve. Talk soon!

Announcement: Deadline for SSL Certificate July 24 2018

A while back I announced that the Google Chrome browser may start throwing up scary messages if you do not have an SSL Certificate installed on your website. Well, another announcement came out saying that the cutoff is July 24th 2018.

If you are a current hosting client of Big West Marketing we will install the SSL certificate at no extra charge.

You will first need to purchase the SSL certificate before hand. We recommend Godaddy:
We are not 100% sure how this will effect the average small business owner, but I wanted everyone to be aware.

Read Google’s article here:

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How To Setup Services Feature in Google My Business

In this week’s video I want to show you how to setup the new SERVICES feature in Google My Business. This is very important information that you don’t want to miss.

NOTE: If you are a current SEO Client of Big West Marketing we WILL be taking care of this for you.

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