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Big Win for Big West Client

Recently Google called one of our clients to see if they’d be interested in Google’s new Local Service Ads. The main reason for the call? Google loved his website! Read the full story below:

It’s Here! The Google Mobile First Index for Local Business SEO

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How Long Does It Take To Rank On Google?

Hey Everyone, I found this infographic to share with you. It really does a great job of answering this confusing and sometimes frustrating question. Enjoy!

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The New Google Hawk Update: How Does It Effect YOUR Business?

Hawk August 22, 2017 This was a strictly-local update, from what I can tell so far, which means that it had no impact on the organic results located below the 3-Pack.

Possum September 2016
Google started filtering out listings that shared the same phone number or website, Google started filtering out listings that were physically located near each other.

It means that another business in your industry was in the same building as you — or even in the same neighborhood as you — that could cause you to get filtered out of local search results.

Hawk – Google refined the proximity filter to make it stricter. It still appears to be filtering out businesses in the same building, but it is not filtering out as many businesses that are close by.

Although it tightened the distance needed to filter a similar listing, it didn’t remove it completely. Its down to around 50 feet.

See my video where I drive 3 miles down the road and changes results on my phone.

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What Address Should You Use For Ranking In Google 3 Pack

Your business address is so so IMPORTANT to your Google rankings and is becoming more important everyday. There ten distinct variations I have detected and in this PDF I have ranked them from best to worst. Download the PDF CLICK HERE!