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What Social Media Marketing is Right for Your Small Business?

To many small business owners Social Media Marketing can be confusing. Which ones should you use? Should you use all of them? Should you do it in house or hire it out?

All these questions are answered and more. Keep in mind that Social Media is unlike any other type of marketing you must be willing to create content that is one or all of the following:

• Interesting
• Educational
• Entertaining

Here are the top 6 platforms we address in the video:

1. Facebook

2. Youtube

3. Instagram

4. LinkedIn

5. Twitter

6. Pinterest

Thanks for watching!

4 BIG Reasons You Should Use Facebook Fan Pages For Business – Not Personal Profiles

I just got an email from a local social media firm JAM Media Group. It really got me thinking and kind of freaked me out. Here is how it went:

“I have seen an increasing trend in my area of businesses setting up a personal profile on Facebook for their business instead of using Official (Fan) Pages. I’m not sure why there is such a sudden increase other than Facebook has definitely become mainstream and businesses are looking for a way to use this powerful tool to promote their products and services.”

Personally I (and I think most business owners) set up a business under a personal account because it is much easier to “request friends” than to get “likes”. Anyway, the email continues:

“Here are just a few of the benefits a business receives through the use of Official (Fan) Pages:

1.) Pages Are Easy to Find, Thanks to Search Engine Optimization: Do you want to make your business easy to find online for current and potential customers? Official Pages are public and they are also indexed by the search engines, unlike personal pages. This means that your customers may be able to find you through your Official Page using Google. Also, when your page is used properly, it may even rank as high or higher than your company website.

2.) Terms of Service Compliance: Are you violating Facebook’s Terms of Service?

Section 4.2 “You will not create more than one personal profile.” [Read more…]