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Over the past few years, my team and I have been doing some MAJOR Google Ads testing to see what really works (and what Does NOT).

What we found is that most "experts" are setting up Google Ads completely WRONG and BURNING through their client's money. Not Cool!! They do this because they get paid on a percentage of Ad Spend each month. They are actually motivated to get it wrong!


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5 Pillars of a Successful Google Ads Campaign:

1. How to show ads only in your city - NOT the whole country!
2. How to block cut-throat competitors from clicking your ads.
3. How to show up ONLY for people looking to hire you.
4. How to pay half-price with "Top of Page" bids
5. How to correctly set up Landing Pages for CALLS not clicks.


What makes Big West different from the rest?

At Big West Marketing, we flip the script on Google Ads as a service. We have a developed the Google Ads 30-Day Ramp-UP Program

For our Clients, we build out their campaign in their own Google account with accompanying Landing Pages, take the ads LIVE, then over the next 30 days, we are in your account tweaking, tuning and optimizing. 

This is to ensure that those ads are working for you and bringing in the calls so you can focus on building your business.

After your Google Ads 30-Day Program, you decide if you would like to continue on or take over control for yourself.  It's up to you!  No contracts, no strings, you own your Google Ads, we don't hold anything hostage!

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Hear what our Client's have to say:


"Joe, thank God an honest guy and company like you are offering this to is true, sooooo many of these "adwords gurus" dont know their ass from a hole in the ground....just go join some adwords groups on facebook and just watch and read, they are lost LOL.

Im implementing the little technique on the top of page bid.....with the right ad this will cut my ad budget in half!!  Gonna test it out with current ads and tweak from there, thanks again for all you have done.  

P.S.  The competition blocker you installed for us on our campaign has worked!!  We can tell big time, thanks!!"

-Matt Lowery, President, Pro Steam Carpet Care

Management & Refinement of Your Google Ads

Most marketing companies will charge you a percentage of your Ad Spend to do nothing!  At Big West Marketing, if you keep us on as manager's of your Google Ads account, we will be in your account every day to make sure those ads are still bringing in business!

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Google is constantly updating:  Did they add a headline?  Did they change the amount of characters allowed in the ad?  Rest assured if you are a part of our Management & Refinement program, your Google Ads will never be down, unless you want them to be paused.

It's nice to know that someone has your back, especially when it comes to saving you money and making you money!