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Local SEO for Service-Based Businesses


When you are a Plumber, Electrician, Pressure Washer, HVAC Contractor or any other service-based business, your service is your product.

If someone in your area searches on Google for a service you provide, will you appear?  Does your business exist on Google?  Are you on page #1 of the search results?  Or page #2?  If so, might as well be page #37.

If you want your business to rank high on the Internet, you need SEO or Search Engine Optimization.  And Google is the where you want to be:  Over 93% of people searching online use Google search to find a local business.


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Straight from the mouth of Google. Watch this video!

The video below is straight from a Developer at Google, Maile Ohye.  She outlines some important factors to help you in your search for a trustworthy SEO company.  What to look for and, more importantly, what to watch out for!  Check it out:


How does your SEO Service work?

Here at Big West Marketing we pride ourselves on providing time tested Google Approved SEO strategies for our amazing clients. If you are looking for “tricks” or a “quick-fix” then we will not be a good fit for you.

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Our system is built on the long-term goal of getting quality businesses to the top of Google. As stated in the video above, SEO is not “Black Magic” but rather a way to put your best foot forward. SEO will not make your business great, but we help great businesses get to the top!

For an in-depth look at the whole process, from start to finish, Click Here to download a PDF Flowchart explanation of what we do for you.


Our Proven SEO System

Step 1: Premium Website Creation

  • You will receive a custom website that is fully responsive and mobile optimized to pass the Google mobile test.
  • Your new website will be structured for ranking AND conversions with correct page titles and Keyword placement.
  • All content will be checked for uniqueness to avoid and/or remove Google duplicate content penalties.

Step 2: Google My Business

  • When your website goes LIVE, we create your Google Listing or jump in to ensure optimization of an existing profile
  • Your Google My Business profile is the basis for your online presence, this step is CRITICAL to long-term success
  • The information on your GMB, especially the NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) will be crucial to the next steps

Step 3: Solidify the Foundation

  • After your Google My Business profile is optimized, we need to get your business into 60+ Business Directories in order to build trust and authority with Google.
  • We will set up and/or optimize your Facebook business page and Yelp business page to start, these are major directory listings.
  • Then all your major social media and business directory profiles will be set up or cleaned up depending on your specific situation. Depending on how much clean up work is involved this step could take up to 90 days.

Step 4: Power Linking Program

  • Your website will be integrated into our exclusive Power Link Program that we have carefully developed over the last 8 years specifically for the Home Service Industry.
  • You will receive links (aka backlinks) from industry related authority websites.  A link shows Google that your website is a trusted resource and helps build up your authority on Google.
  • IMPORTANT: NO Spammy links that can cause Over-optimization penalties.

Step 5 and Beyond:

  • Each month, a deep Audit of your SEO Campaign is conducted.  You will receive a Summary Report to keep a pulse on your business’s progress up the ranks.
  • Your website will continue to receive Power Links as needed. This must be implemented slowly and naturally over time as not to trigger Google penalties that can result from too-many too-fast.
  • Your website will be monitored for possible “blacklist” and/or penalty issues and recovery techniques will be implemented if necessary.
  • Design changes and updates to your website at no extra charge.
  • You will receive monthly video and article updates as changes occur so you are always in-the-know.
  • Your website will be tweaked and changed as new Google Updates are implemented.
  • Security updates to the website to protect and prevent malicious attacks.




Big West Marketing, Inc. agrees to work exclusively for the Client on designated cities or keywords (not the competition) while monthly payments are current. This applies to SEO only and does not refer to web design.



Governing Law and Costs of Enforcement
The parties acknowledge that the State of Montana is the place of performance of the services and transactions contemplated by this Agreement.  This Agreement, and all transactions contemplated hereby, shall be governed enforced in Missoula County, State of Montana.
In the event that litigation results from this Agreement or the performance thereof, the Parties agree to reimburse the prevailing party’s reasonable attorney’s fees, court costs, and all other expenses in addition to any other costs the prevailing party may be entitled.