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Websites that reflect your business

At Big West Marketing, we take the needs of your company, the goals of your company and build a website that reflects those values. Your new website will respond to any screen size, from iPhone to tablet to large desktop computer, we've got you covered no matter the device.

When a potential client gets to your website, there is no confusion, only clear Calls to Action and buttons to increase interaction. Because at the end of the day, what's the point of a beautiful website if it cannot convert a passive browser into a paying customer?


SEO Ready, Fully Optimized Websites

Websites that look great are awesome, but if it is not optimized for Google Search, then no one is going to see it!  At Big West Marketing all of our websites are structured to give your business the best chance of ranking on Google.  With pages for each of your services, title tags optimized for Google's bots and a focus on how your website will look on mobile devices, we set your business up for long-term success.

Your website is the online Front Office of your business.  Let's make a good first impression!  Also keep in mind, the Internet is a battlefield, Your website is your Tank!  Learn more about Search Engine Optimization and how to improve your local rankings with our SEO services.

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Hands-on or Hands-off?  You Decide!

If you are unsure or just too busy to worry about web design, we've got you covered!  When you choose Big West Marketing to design your website, rest assured if you have no content, we will provide it for you.  This means images, articles; we will do what it takes to build you an SEO-Ready website.

However, input is greatly appreciated!  If you would like to write content, send over before/afters, or a picture of you and the family for the About Us page, please do!  Personalization helps to create a trusting, friendly relationship with potential customers.


Ok, I just signed up for a website, what's next?

After you sign up for a new website, we will send over our New Client Form for you to fill out. This form will have some basic information about your Business (Business Phone Number, Address, Services, etc.) and provide you with an opportunity to list what websites you love and which websites you absolutely hate! This information will be critical in jump-starting the design of your new website!

After submitting the New Client Form, your web designer will give you a call within 24 hours to introduce herself and go over the form with you. At this stage, you can send over your logo, any job site images, you name it! This is your website and our first goal is your satisfaction!

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